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Goal: Keep fees reasonable

Priorities: Placing your needs first

Gregory B. Beam, Esq.
Gregory Beam & Associates, Inc.
23113 Plaza Pointe Dr., Suite 100
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 598-5800

Gregory Beam & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to addressing virtually all of the legal needs of small and medium size business owners. We like to think of ourselves as your “General Counsel.” Rather than having to contact a number of attorneys (either in the same firm or different firms) to consider your various pending or new legal matters, you will have one contact at our firm, who will communicate with you regarding all matters handled or to be handled by our firm. This allows us to keep our legal fees reasonable as compared to most attorney firms. This also allows us to coordinate our services to assure a strategic coherency to the results we are attempting to obtain. Keeping fees reasonable, and placing your needs and goals first, are the policies which drive our firm.